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Saturday, August 23

Strength- Incline Bench 4×5

Explosive MB Bench 3×10


WOD- 5 Rounds For Time

5 Bench Press Rx(BW, 3/4 BW)

5 SDLHP Rx(95, 65)

-50m Bear Crawl Between Each Round-


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Friday August 22nd

Warm Up- 8min Roll

WOD- Stations Max Effort

:20sec on :20sec off- 6sets Ropes

-1 min rest-

:20sec on :20sec off- 6sets Plate Pushes

-1 min rest-

:20sec on :20sec off- 6 sets Crawls

-1 min rest-

:20sec on :20sec off- 6 sets Rows

-1 min rest-

:20sec on :20sec off- 6 sets 5-10-15




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AE Spin!!!

Spin room is finally operational.  All members are allowed free access to the spin classes for the rest of the month of August!!!  Everyone gets a free trail class so tell your friends and family to come try it out too!!  … Read More »

Thursday August 21st

Strength- Deadlifts 4×4

- TGU 3x1e

(Scale to half get up. Take your time and try to perfect the movement)


WOD- 35-25-15

KBS (American) Rx(70, 53) L1(53, 35) L2(44, 24)

Box Jumps Hp(30, 24) Rx(24, 20) L1(Step Ups)

(Rx for box jumps today is a two foot jump.  … Read More »

Wednesday August 20th

Strength- Jerks 4×3,3,2,2 (80%-90%)
– Straight Leg Sit Ups( 1 leg up) 3x5each

WOD- Jackie
1000m Row
50 Thrusters Rx(45, 35)
30 Pull Ups… Read More »

Tuesday August 19th

Strength- 1 Rep Max Snatches
(Notebook: May 6th, August 8th)

WOD- 8 min AMRAP

10 snatches Rd(75, 55)
10 burpee lat bar hops
30 dubs (60 singles)… Read More »

Monday August 18th

Strength- EMOM 10min
ODD- 8 Front Rack Lunges
EVEN- 20 Hollow Rocks
(Notebook: June 10th)

WOD- For Time
30 abmat sit ups
30 goblet squats Rx(70, 53)
30 HR Push ups
30 Wall Balls
30 Burpees
30 KBS Rx(70, 53)
30 Pull Ups… Read More »

Saturday August 16th

Warm Up- 8min Roll

WOD- Each For Time
1000m Run
800m Run
600m Run
400m Run
200m Run

*Each one gets a 1 to 1 work rest ratio. So you have to take a rest after each run and each rest period will be the same time that it took you to do your run.… Read More »

Friday August 15th

Strength- 3 Rep Max Front Squat
(Notebook: May 2nd)


WOD- Bike Sprints

EMOM 10 – :20 sec Max Effort (gear 15)


**Shout out to AECrossfit’s own Larry Thomas in his competition this weekend Saturday, August 16th.  The competition is is Watertown at Forever Crossfit, which is located on Watertown street.  … Read More »

Thursday August 14th

Warm Up- 8min Roll

Mobility- 2x

15 OH Squat

15 Slam Balls

:15e Wall Hip Flexor Stretch

15 Hollow Rocks

5e Ankle Mob.


Skill- HSPU/Dubs/Goat


WOD-  For Time

50-40-30-20-10 Dubs (scale to same rep singles)

50-40-30-20-10 Sit Ups

500-400-300-200-100 Meter Run


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