AECrossFit is one of Boston's newest programs - run out of Athletic Evolution, which has been delivering athletic performance results for almost 10 years! At AECrossFit, we work with you every step of the way using our customizable workouts that will get you fit, fast.

Saturday April 19th

Strength- Bench Press 3×8
1 Arm DB Row 3x8e

WOD- For Time

Bench Press (BW)
SumoDLHP (3/4 BW)… Read More »

Friday April 18th

Warm Up- On the 2nd Min.
150m Shuttle (25m Split)

Strength- Kettle Bell Complex
TGU + 5 Strict Presses

WOD- Death By
1 Arm kB Snatch
(1 KB Snatch L Arm, 1 KB Snatch R Arm on 1st Min, Rest the rest of min.… Read More »

Thursday April 17th

Skill- Pistols, Dubs, Goat

abs of steel


WOD- For Time

50 Abmat Sit Ups
50 Dubs (150 Singles)
50 Abmat Sit Ups
50 Pistols (100 Air Squats)
50 Abmat Sit Ups
50 Toes to Bar
50 Abmat Sit Ups… Read More »

Wednesday April 16th

Deadlift- 4×4
GHD Sit Ups- 3×12

WOD- 3 R.F.T. (20min Cap)

10 Deadlift (275, 185)(225, 155)(185, 135)
20 Chest to Bar Pull Ups(Scale to Pull Ups)
10 Burpee Lateral Bar Hops (RX Leave/Land 2 Feet)
30 Dubs (90 Singles)… Read More »

Crossfit Quote of the Week

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”


 … Read More »

Tuesday April 15th

Power Snatch- 4×5
(2 Warm Up Sets, 4 Work Sets)
Side Plank Tee’s- 3x8e

WOD- 4 R.F.T.

HP               RX         L1

3 Snatch (115, 75)(95,65)(75,55)
10 OH Squat
400m Run… Read More »

Monday April 14th

Warm Up- Max Effort 500m Row

Mobility- 3x Each
Shoulder Mobility- x10
Band Hip Flexor Stretch- x:15each
Pec Stretch- x20each


Ring Dips
Push Ups… Read More »

Saturday April 12th

Strict Press- 4×5
(2 warm up sets, 4 wrok sets)
OH Med ball toss- 3×10

WOD- 4 R.F.T.
21 Dubs(63 Singles)
15 Deadlift (155, 105) (135, 95)(95,65)
9 SH to OH
(Use same weight for both barbell movements)… Read More »

Friday April 11th

Warm Up- “Sally Goes Up” – Air Squats

Strength- Back Squat 4×6
KB Curl to Press Out 3×12

WOD- 12 min AMRAP

1 Mile Run
Wall Balls Remaining Time (20, 14)(10ft, 9ft)… Read More »

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